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Wednesday Mornings

10:00AM - 12:00 PM   |  Class ends April 28th

@ Angler Movement Arts Center

The class volleys back and forth between Franklin Method imagery and anatomy, and applying this new information to modern dance phrases. We'll embody our design and function, the bone rhythms, the muscles that drive them We always end class with a constructive rest, an improvisation based on the new knowledge of your body, or taking time to investigate existing choreography, noticing the changes.

The two hour class is designed for dancers and movers that want a deeper understanding of the design and function of their bodies, professionals who want to prolong their careers, and for people who want a movement practice based anatomy/science rather than a set of belief systems about movement. 

Class is $12 for Drop-ins and $10 with a dance pass

Franklin Method Movement Lab

Held at my studio in Kensington, the movement lab happens once a month.

Artists gather to take on Franklin Method ideas and imagery and embody them through their own movement in improvisation, choreography, and performance. We show our results at the End of the night.  More information to come

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